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Online booking FAQs

1. What is Online Appointment Booking?

Online Appointment Booking allows patients and caregivers to book virtual or in-person appointments with their medical providers, using a device that is connected to the internet.  The McMaster Family Practice uses Cortico Health Technologies to provide online booking services to patients.

2. What are the benefits of online appointment booking?

  • Gives you access to book appointments 24 hours a day from any desktop or mobile device, reducing the need to wait in the phone queue
  • Allows you to see the availability of your healthcare team when booking appointments
  • Sends you automated appointment reminders to minimize the risk of missing appointments
  • Allows you to update your contact information to ensure your clinic has the most up-to-date information

3. Who can book appointments online?

All registered patients of the McMaster Family Practice may book appointments online.  If you are unable to complete an online booking, please call the office (905-546-9885) so we can confirm your contact information and assist you with your first online booking.

4. What information will I need to use online booking?

You will generally use their Health Card and date of birth to book appointments online.  However, if you do not have a Health Card but are a registered patient at the McMaster Family Practice, you may book online using an email address that matches the one we have for you on file.  Please ensure we have your preferred contact information on file.

5. How can I start using online booking?

To start using online booking, visit the McMaster Family Practice website ( or the online booking page ( or scan the QR code below which is also posted on the flyers in the clinic.

6. What if I do not have the ability to use online booking?

While your caregiver may use online booking on your behalf, you or your caregiver may call the clinic at any time during regular clinic hours to book an appointment.

7. With which providers will I be able to book if I use online appointment booking?

You may book appointments with your assigned Family Doctor or your Family Doctor’s team including Residents, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. Injections and Wound Care appointments may be booked with a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN).

8. What types of appointments will I be able to book online?

Currently there are 9 categories of appointment types available for online appointment booking:

  • Mental Health Concern – For appointments with a Family Doctor, Resident, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner only
  • Review my Results
  • Adult Injection – Allergy shots, TB Test, B12, regular injections
  • Forms – Sick notes or completion of health forms for work or insurance
  • Wound Care – Dressing change, suture or staple removal
  • INR
  • Health Review – Periodic check up (with or without PAP) or diabetic review or well baby/well child visit
  • PAP only – PAP only if a notice of PAP due has been received
  • General – Feeling unwell, birth control, referral request, or follow-up on a health condition

9. Will I be able to cancel appointments online?

You may use the link in your appointment confirmation email or the link on the online booking website to cancel any appointment, as long as the appointment date/time is at least 24 hours ahead.

If you are unable to complete the cancellation process online, or would like to reschedule an appointment, please call the clinic (905-546-9885).

10. Will I get email reminders for my appointments?

Yes, appointment reminders will be sent for all appointments booked online, on the phone or in the clinic  to the email address we have in your file. Please ensure we have your preferred contact information on file.

11. Where can I get more help with online booking if I need it?

For more help getting started with online appointment booking, call the clinic (905-546-9885) and we will assist.